Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Is Kim Woodburn the ultimate game player?

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Kim Woodburn has been accused of playing a game on Celebrity Big Brother.

Her fellow housemates are SURE she's faked her antics in the house but the 'Queen of Clean' has insisted she's only ever been herself on the show.


In Thursday night's show, Nicola spoke about Kim in the diary room after another row with her: “I’m just done. I don’t ever want to look at her. I will stand up for Women’s Rights, if you think that’s OK to get your boobs out for a living then that’s fine.

"That opinion she just gave me is enough for me to hate her for life. She’s nasty and evil, she plays a game and she’s fake."

Coleen Nolan agreed, branding Kim the most "fake, horrible woman I've ever met."

However Kim told Big Brother in the Diary Room she definitely wasn't playing any games.

The TV personality explained: "I promise you I am myself, I never look for trouble. There's too much in the world as it is. I'm quite a quiet woman but don't start on me for nothing...

"I go up like an atomic bomb. I'm from one extreme to another but if people don't go out looking for trouble, not at all. Enjoy life, it's too flippin' short."

Kim continued: "I want to say, that I am myself. I've not once put an act on in this place. I came here to be myself and if myself isn't a very likeable person I can't help that. I've been myself."


And she concluded: "I don't care if I don't win, the young ones need it more than me, they've got their futures you see."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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