Ray J's manager blasts 'trash' Celebrity Big Brother after unplanned exit

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Ray J's manager has slammed Celebrity Big Brother 2017 bosses after the rapper 'left' the house.

Ray J departed this year's series a week into his stay, with no apparent explanation ever provided.


"There's not much I can say, and we might never know the ins and outs," Bit On The Side's Rylan Clark-Neal said of Ray J's unexpected exit.

It's understood that Ray J had originally left the house for medical reasons concerning tooth pain but was unable to return.

Ray J's manager, it's fair to say, isn't too happy.

He told the Allegedly podcast (via the Daily Star): "F***ing Celebrity Big Brother. Three years, we've been making this deal with them. They had to get to the right number and it had to be the right season, it had to be the right cast. Everything came together.

"He got a huge deal to do it, we were excited to do it. This became the biggest bunch of trash bags I've ever seen."

Ray J's team compared the show's production value to that of "eating at a soup kitchen."

And on Ray J's rumoured $1 million fee, his manager revealed: "We got a huge chunk to go out there and we got another first payment, they owe us the rest of the show. They're just lame, they think they're bosses.

"The way they're treating us, I've never seen anything like it."


Channel 5 didn't comment on the story.

We wonder if Ray J got an invite to tonight's final?

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