Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Nicola McLean REALLY doesn't want Kim Woodburn to win

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Kim Woodburn becomes enemy of the house again on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

This evening's dramatic show sees an explosive penultimate day to the series with an epic row between the housemates.


In between the arguments, Nicola and Coleen are seen discussing Kim. Nicola comments; “I don’t want her to win.”

Coleen states; “If she wins, I want to meet the people (who voted for her). She’s just bizarre. I’ve got used to Jedward…they’ve been lovely the past few days…I’ve survived living with Kim and Jedward! Give me them over her any day.”

After another row with Kim over her career as a Page 3 girl, Nicola rants to Big Brother in the diary room; “I’m just done. I don’t ever want to look at her. I will stand up for Women’s Rights, if you think that’s OK to get your boobs out for a living then that’s fine.

"That opinion she just gave me is enough for me to hate her for life. She’s nasty and evil, she plays a game and she’s fake.”

Following the row, Bianca and James C advise Nicola not to give Kim ‘the time she so desperately wants’

Meanwhile, Kim and Jedward are in the bedroom, she says: “I notice in this house that they can say terrible things to me!”

Edward replies: “It’s just awkward…if we’re sitting with them, we don’t support what they’re saying.

”Kim adds: “A horrible bunch of people in this house…chinless wonders!”


John suggests Kim and Jedward are owed an apology from the other housemates for making them ‘feel unwanted’.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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