Celebrity Big Brother 2017 fight! House rocked by another explosive row

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates have kicked off at one another again in a massive row.

It may be a day before the final but this year's series isn't going to end quietly.


Things got explosive in a brand new task which saw housemates compete in a 'TV quiz show'.

Big Brother gathered the group in the task room and explained: "Housemates, welcome to 'Who is it?' the CBB TV quiz show that challenges contestants' judgement. All questions are fastest buzzer first and every correct answer will earn you a point.

"Big Brother asked the opinions of Big Brother fans. As soon as housemates have heard the opinion they must press their buzzer if they know the answer."

Needless to say, Big Brother's stirring quickly worked as things boiled over.

And few viewers will be surprised to learn that it was Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn who ended up going at one another.


Nicola fumed: "Don't f**king start on me. F**king d**khead. Don't tell me to shut up"

"Then shut up big gob," reacted Kim.

Nicola went on: "You are a nasty piece of work and you're showing yourself."

Kim hit back: "You are a vile little creature who is jealous of everybody. Start and I'm warning you now..."

Nicola continued: "You are a no good vile, f**king scum of the earth. Shut your f**king mouth when talking to me."

Kim retorted: "And you're a Page 3 girl who made her reputation showing her knockers."

Things then got tense between Kim and Coleen Nolan.

"You don't start on me, you're all two faced," Kim snapped.

"Don't tell me not to start and don't start jumping in... You are vile, I totally agree," Colen replied.



All the drama airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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