Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 30 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight?

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Here are the penultimate round of highlights from Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Jedward are enjoying a bath; “Everyone from Ireland is probably like ‘oh my god Jedward have made it to the final!’ We’ve earned our position in the final.”


im is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I’m thrilled! I’ve made it to Friday…when it kicks off they all go to Nicola’s aide…I haven’t had one cross word with James C, he’s a damn good actor but he still chips in. I don’t know what he’s all about.”

After running out of underwear, John borrows a pair of knickers from Bianca. Some of the housemates laugh

In the smoking area, some of the housemates comment that ‘Edward is a sweet boy’. Nicola comments; “John is definitely the driving force, Edward is much more real.”

For a new task, Big Brother launches CBB TV; housemates will take part in their very own TV show

Bianca and Jedward present a home shopping channel called Selling Yourself Short

As part of the task, the presenters must demonstrate and try products on sale. These include: a ‘mystery can’ filled with dog food which the presenters taste, John being waxed using ‘painless wax strips’ and a ‘health smoothie’ with contains mushroom soup, fish sauce, cottage cheese spinach and fermented egg which the presenters taste and pretend to enjoy


In the diary room, Jedward believe they did a great job as presenters in the task; “Me and John are the Oprah’s of this TV channel! We set the bar so high!”

As part of the CBB TV task, housemates take part in CBB TV’s quiz show: Who Is It?

Housemates are lined up behind individual podiums with buzzers

For the first round, housemates are played clips from CBB fans and they must guess who the fans are talking about

The clip is: ‘This is the biggest game player in the house and is most antagonistic’ Coleen is correct with her answer Jedward

The clip is: ‘This housemate has been cunning and is playing an excellent game’ Jedward are correct with their answer James C

For the next round, housemates must guess the missing name from viewers’ tweets

The tweet is: ‘Who the hell is voting for XXXX Drip #boring’ Jedward are correct with their answer Bianca


The tweet is: ‘XXXX do you think you deserve to win? On balance you haven’t been as entertaining as other housemates’ Jedward are correct with their answer James C; “We think he’s awesome! He’s too busy flirting with Coleen on a regular basis, flirting with the eyes…eye contact is strong!”

Nicola comments; “Boys, remember when people are married that is offensive. Just to make you aware.”

Kim adds; “Cos you’ve been totally ‘unoffensive’ dear.” Nicola asks; “What? Don’t f**king start on me!” Kim snaps; “You’ve got the nerve to pick on the boys!”

The tweet is: ‘XXX why are you mugging J & E?’ Coleen is correct by saying herself; “Apparently I slag you off behind your back and tell you I love you to yourself. I never slag you off, I say I don’t get you to your face.’

For the final round, Big Brother plays in diary rooms and housemates must guess who they are talking about

James C’s diary room is played: ‘Vitriol pouring out of that woman…people like that say dreadfully awful things…’ Jedward are correct with their answer Kim. Kim states; “You are a wonderful actor and you do half pile it on, well done!” Nicola asks if Kim is talking about her, Kim snaps; “Shut up big gob! Miss Insecure, don’t start with me.”

Nicola argues; “You are awful. You are no good, vile, scum of the earth, shut your mouth!” Kim argues back; “You are a Page 3 girl who has made a reputation showing your knockers…see a doctor you need one, get yourself sorted out!” Coleen adds; “That’s nasty, you are vile.”

The next diary room is of Jedward: ‘She goes and gets some man in the house to have her back, she now has James to take on Kim as Calum did that…’ Nicola is correct by saying herself


The next diary room is of Kim: ‘I’m so sick of the act he puts on! He’s part of the gang. He ought to grow a set of balls!’ Jedward are correct with their answer James C

In the smoking area, Coleen is talking to James C; “She’s (Kim) the vilest woman I’ve ever met in my life! I want to tell her I never want to speak to her ever again!”

Kim and Jedward are talking, Kim says; “I have never at any time, said a word about you boys! I think you’re lovely!”

Nicola is talking about Kim in the diary room; “I’m just done. I don’t ever want to look at her. I will stand up for Women’s Rights, if you think that’s OK to get your boobs out for a living then that’s fine. That opinion she just gave me is enough for me to hate her for life. She’s nasty and evil, she plays a game and she’s fake.”

Kim and Jedward are in the bedroom, she says; “I notice in this house that they can say terrible things to me!” Edward replies; “It’s just awkward…if we’re sitting with them, we don’t support what they’re saying.”

Kim adds; “A horrible bunch of people in this house…chinless wonders!” John believes Kim and Jedward are owed an apology from the other housemates for making them ‘feel unwanted’

In the smoking area, Coleen is contemplating to tell Kim ‘that she’s vile’

In the diary room, Jedward believe that James C should apologise to Kim and that the house should apologise to them; “There are issues to be resolved here! I’d love if the house was united.”

As final part of the CBB TV task, its bed time stories with James Cosmo. James assigns roles to the Housemates


Bianca plays the Princess who is trying to get to the ball, Coleen plays the Fairy Godmother, Kim plays the Evil Wizard, Jedward play the two-headed Troll and Nicola plays the handsome Prince. Housemates successfully act out James C’s story

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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