Celebrity Big Brother 2017 line up: Meet the housemates in the final

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 cast: Contestants in the final

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates in this year's final are now confirmed ahead of tonight's show.

There was quite a bit of speculation surrounding the series ahead of launch, with Channel 5 revealing an 'All stars' twist.


But that wasn't as all as the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 cast this year is in fact a mix of ‘old stars and new stars’, with both returning housemates and first time celebrities entering the house.

CBBUK 2017 will be the longest run yet with the final this evening, February 3, meaning the celebs will be inside for up to 32 days.

A total of 6 celebrity contestants currently make up the CBB 2017 line up and here they are...

Kim Woodburn

…Clean freak with a big mouth and even bigger opinions…

74-year-old TV Presenter and Queen of Clean

Before going into the house, Kim described herself as "Honest, kind and truthful."


She said: "I can't tolerate untidiness, so I will probably be an annoying housemate. I live a private life and love my privacy."


Bianca Gascoigne

“I can't wait to let my hair down!”

30-year-old glamour model.

Before entering, Bianca said: "What I'm looking forward to most about going in the Big Brother house is having some fun! I’ve been working so hard lately so I really can't wait to let my hair down!"

Describing herself as "Fun, passionate and strong", she added: "I wouldn't like to live with any selfish housemates; ones that aren't team players who wouldn’t even give certain tasks a go! I haven't got time for that."


Coleen Nolan

“I’m looking forward to no phone, no emails!”


51-year-old singer and Loose Women TV star.

"I’m looking forward to leaving the real world for a month; no phone, no emails, no school run, no cooking!" Coleen said back on Day 1.

She admitted: "My personal life is at a bit of a cross roads at the moment and I really need some time out to think about my future. CBB asked me at exactly the right time, any other time and I would probably have said no.

"Let’s hope I've made the right decision."


James Cosmo

“A huge Big Brother fan!”

69-year-old actor

James said before entering: "I’m looking forward to the psychological experiments of living with people I don't know.


He described himself as "Contrarian, autodidact and fat." and said of living with others: "It depends on the duration; there are not many people I could not live with for even a short period of time."


Nicola McLean

“If I’ve got something to say I’ll say it!”

35-year-old glamour Model & TV Personality

Nicola said before entering the house: I’m most looking forward to having fun, letting my hair down and not having any responsibilities during my time in the house. Also, getting to sit in the Diary Room chair and say “Hello Big Brother” again.

The All Star housemate described herself as "Fun, emotional and confrontational" and added: "I wouldn’t have missed out on the chance to be an All Star. However much I got booed when I left last time, I know I was a good housemate."



“Being asked to do All Stars is such an honour!”


24-year-old Jepic Pop Duo

Jedward said: "It's such an honour being called an All Star housemate. It's the Oscars of the reality world!

"We are real life superheroes connecting with the world and want to embrace the Pop Art life.

Asked why they were doing the show again, the "Jepic, luminous, free-spirited twins" said: "To spread more good vibes and show another side to us and on a deeper level."



Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother final airs at 9PM on Friday evening.

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