The Voice UK 2017: thinks new blind audition twist makes show "colder" thinks The Voice UK's new format is "colder" for both the judges and contestants.

This year the blind auditions have changed so if all the coaches fail to turn for an act they lose their right to see them - leaving them forever wondering if they should have hit their buttons.


Speaking about the change, Will said: "You don’t get a chance to give them feedback and that just breaks your heart.

"Cause as an artist, you want feedback. What did I do wrong? How can I improve?"

"It just feels a little bit colder," he added.

However Sir Tom Jones felt the change may be for the better.

"If you don't press your button, you've got to explain to the person why," he explained. "Sometimes in the past, I thought, what do I say to this person, how can I give advice to somebody that I didn't turn for?"

He continued: "When I was told that this would happen this year, I put myself in the contestants place and thought that if I sang and nobody turned for me, I would want to get out of there."

Sir Tom added: "I don't want people turning around and saying why they didn't turn.


"I'm glad that we don't see that, because it's hard."

The Voice UK 2017 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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