Celebrity Big Brother's Calum Best admits he needs reality TV for the money

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Celebrity Big Brother's Calum Best has confessed he needs reality TV gigs to pay his bills.

The model, and son of footballer George Best, says in Channel 5's In Therapy tonight that he'd love to say no to jobs like Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother.


“If I could easily say no… I wouldn’t be doing f**king reality TV if I didn’t need to me,” he says in the show. “I do these things as I need to earn a living and this is the path I’m on. I haven’t been on TV for 15 years and when jobs come, they come."

Calum adds: "I can’t say no to them and can’t miss out on being paid. I have to get paid. I know it’s not all about the money but at the moment it is, I have to pay rent and sort things out.”

Therapist Mandy Saligari tells Calum in the pair's candid chat: “It just feels exploitative of you, if that’s true.”

He replies: “The reality of what you’re saying and the raw truth is, I sometimes regret doing some of these things and wish I’d stood my ground more, waiting for the bigger, better, less exploiting picture.

"But I’m not in a position to do that or sit back and wait and hope I don’t have to exploit something to make a living.”

Elsewhere in the show, Calum opens up about how his 'bad boy' reputation saw him abused in the street.


He opens up: “I would walk down the street staring at floor and not wanting people to make eye contact and go ‘There’s that pr**k Calum Best .'"

Calum Best In Therapy airs on Channel 5 tonight at 10PM.

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