Celebrity Big Brother's Jedward in thong drama after bubble bath together

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Jedward got themselves into a major underwear issue in the Celebrity Big Brother house today.

After taking a bubble bath together where the twins were seen washing one another down, John realised he had no underwear.

Edward was sent to the bedroom where Bianca Gascoigne generously donated one of her thongs for the cause.

Although frankly it probably would've been easier for John just to have gone commando as he struggled with the sheer, lace lingerie.

"How do you put these on? What's going to support my balls?" a puzzled John asked his twin.

Edward suggested: "Wear it back to front, she might it for her bum but you need it for your..."

John complained: "It's so complicated, it's all over the place. There's no support.

"I feel like I'm putting on an invisible pair of underpants. They literally go into no man's land. There's no support."

"We've got no underwear, it's tragic," reflected Edward as John continued to struggle in the bathroom. "We have all these amazing clothes but no underwear, it’s like the biggest tragedy of the whole entire show."

"You better no go for a s**t," he added to John.

We're not quite sure how they've managed to get into this situation with the house this year being equipped with both a washing machine AND a dryer.

But at least there's now just a couple of days to go until the final on Friday evening.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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