Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jedward form a band with Nicola McLean for new task

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Jedward and Nicola McLean have put their differences aside (for now) to form a Celebrity Big Brother band.

The warring housemates have taken on a starring role in a brand new task ahead of Friday's final.


"Big Brother has formed a brand new rock band called The Housemate Mayhem," Big Brother announced to the group in the house on Tuesday. "The band consists of three talented rockstar members, John, Edward and Nicola.

"Coleen, Calum, Bianca, James and Kim do not worry, you will be the bands' roadies."

As roadies, the other housemates had to wait on the band members, fulfilling their every request, such as making food and drinks.

In addition, they could not look the band members in the eye and could not access the band's VIP areas of the house or enjoy their luxuries.

Throughout the task, the group had several mini challenges to complete, such as a magazine photoshoot for the band.


Whether or not Nicola and Jedward managed to avoid arguing for the duration of the task remains to be seen.

Earlier this week we saw Nicola demand to leave the house (again) after yet another row with the twins.

“I’m done,” she declared to Big Brother in the Diary Room while in the house, James C had a quiet word with Jedward and suggested they make amends with Nicola, “She’s desperately missing her kids and it would be all credit to you if…”

However Jedward told James C that they won’t apologise, “She’s always looking for the worst in us.”

Nicola told Big Brother that Jedward “prod” at her all day which is why she is snappy with them later in the day: “They’re coming across as amazing, that’s great for them,” she claimed.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The final airs this Friday evening from 9PM with host Emma Willis.

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