Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Kim Woodburn plans a raunchy new career

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Kim Woodburn is planning a rather raunchy change in career following Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

And in more surprising news, it seems she and Nicola McLean are finally getting along... sort of.


In tonight's show, Kim Nicola and Bianca are seen enjoying a rare friendly chat after weeks of rows.

“You’d do really well on the sex line,” suggests Nicola. “If television work doesn’t come in after this I’ll be on the bloody sex line,” Kim retorts.

Bianca says Kim would be “brilliant. Some men like that dominatrix type of sound.”

“Bend over, I’ll whip your bum with a lettuce leaf,” Kim practises.

Big Brother calls Kim to the Diary Room, but before she leaves she recites: “Share me a man, to share my lot, know one knows what a lot I’ve got, be he poor or riches blessed, send him along I’ll do the rest!”

Nicola admits to her Housemates that if they are now seeing the real Kim, “I think she’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met.”

In the Diary Room, Kim tells Big Brother that she is happy that it’s now up to the public to vote. She feels that so far, the nominations have been “very fake, very phoney.”


She adds: “All the people in the gang, shouldn’t win because they stood together and obeyed Nicola…they’ve played a filthy game.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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