Celebrity Big Brother 2017: James Cosmo clashes with Jedward in secret task

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James Cosmo has kicked off with Jedward in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house today.

It was all part of a secret task, although it's not quite clear yet just what James had been told to do.


He was seen complaining about his apparently missing chocolate bar before finding it had been 'stolen' by Jedward.

"For f**k's sake, honestly," he complained.

Coleen Nolan claimed that James was having a "bad day" as he lost his cool.

"It was in your locker," James snapped at Jedward.

"I swear that wasn't there, I swear on my life, you can check the cameras," they protested.


The seemingly fake drama comes after a very real row between Jedward and Calum Best on the show tonight.

He snapped at the pair when they wouldn't stop singing as the housemates tried to get to sleep in the evening.

In scenes shown on this evening's highlights show, Calum and some of the Housemates were seen trying to sleep. Calum said that he wanted the evening to end so the lights can go out, “I’ll be the moody guy, I’ll be Debbie Downer.”

However with Jedward singing, a peaceful night looked unlikely.

The singing continued and Calum left his bed and went into the living room. “I’m begging you, it’s all fun but I’ve just asked you not to sing.”

Jedward explained they were trying to cheer people up after the shock eviction.

Jedward and Calum.
Jedward and Calum.

Calum said that although he “respects” the boys, “you don’t f**king respect me cos you wanna argue with me. You’re bang out of order.”


“All we’re doing is singing a song…it’s about life, I know it’s cheesy but you can sleep when you’re dead,” Jedward hit back.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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