Celebrity Big Brother housemates face eviction bombshell with one kicked out

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One Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemate will be seen getting the boot in tonight's show.

The weekend saw the 'Final Judgement' task where housemates faced being interrogated both by special guests and then by viewers.


The task will end this evening when one housemate gets the boot - but will the housemates know what's coming?

Yesterday they were gathered by Big Brother for an announcement.

"This is Big Brother. All housemates must sit at the sofas immediately" Big Brother boomed into the house.

BB then explained: "Housemates, you have heard the opinions of ex housemates and you have heard the opinions of Big Brother viewers. You have had ample opportunity to defend yourselves and there is one final judgement to be made.

"Big Brother will be convicting and sentencing one housemate very soon."

The housemates didn't seem particularly concerned about Big Brother's words.

A puzzled Nicola McLean reacted: "I don't get it."

Jamie O'Hara suggested: "It's going to be a nothing thing, you might have to sit in a jail in the f**king garden for f**king four hours or something."

And Coleen Nolan said similar: "Probably have to go into a prison or something or wear a prisoner's uniform. I hope it has a bed in it, I'll be quite happy going in there for a few hours."


In fact, one of the five nominated housemates - Nicola, Jamie, Kim Woodburn, Jedward and Calum Best - will be axed in a 'back door' eviction.

The result and fallout will air in tonight's show on Channel 5 at 9PM while the evictee will speak to Emma Willis live on Tuesday night.

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