Celebrity Big Brother fans want Nicola McLean kicked out after she asks to leave AGAIN

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Celebrity Big Brother viewers have blasted Nicola McLean after she asked to leave the house AGAIN tonight.

In tonight's show, Jedward branded Nicola the “Blair Witch” of the house without a cauldron but “the Housemates are her recipe.”


Later in a task, Housemates were gathered in Big Brother’s courtroom where they had to answer to their actions in the house.

The Housemates stood before a court, made up of Judge Vanessa Feltz and four witnesses; John McCririck, Saira Khan, Austin and Luisa Zissman.

It all kicked off once again between Jedward and Nicola and ended with Nicola in the Diary Room demanding to leave following Jedward’s remarks about her during the task,.

“I’m done,” she declared while in the house, James C had a quiet word with Jedward and suggested they make amends with Nicola, “She’s desperately missing her kids and it would be all credit to you if…”

However Jedward told James C that they won’t apologise, “She’s always looking for the worst in us.”

Nicola told Big Brother that Jedward “prod” at her all day which is why she is snappy with them later in the day: “They’re coming across as amazing, that’s great for them,” she quipped.


It seems as though Nicola once again went back on her request to leave and many fans weren't impressed.

"Nicola Mcmean demanding to leave the house for a third time. Shes hardly being kept against her will. Let her walk ffs! #CBB" wrote one viewer tonight.

Another commented: "Nicola should just leave, no one would bloody miss her. She is like a cold that never goes away. Please just go. #cbb"

A third begged Big Brother: "@bbuk so nicola wants to 100% leave.... please let her go now!!!!"


While Nicola currently remains in the house, with an eviction tonight and tomorrow and the final on Friday, we can be sure Nicola will be out by the end of the week...

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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