Let It Shine contestants: Meet the Top 40 performers through to the next round

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Here's a full list of the contestants in the Let It Shine Top 40 who are into the next round.

Take That's Gary Barlow, Spandau Ballet singer Martin Kemp and former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue take up a role on the judging panel for Let It Shine.


The show is on the hunt for five guys to perform in a new stage show based on the music of Take That.

The trio of judges were joined by guest panellist, West End singer and star of Glee Amber Riley for the first stage of the competition.

Let It Shine judges: Amber Riley, Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp
Let It Shine judges: Amber Riley, Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp

A number of auditionees performed for the four piece. They all sang, some danced and others played instruments. But have they got what it takes to get through to the next round, where the lucky ones will get to perform in groups alongside hugely popular music acts?

After the acts had performed it was a nervous wait as they see the 'Let It Shine starway' light up.

Each judge will input a score of 1-5 for the performance, with each mark corresponding to a star. The contestants needed 15 stars or more out of 20 to make it through.

After that, a dance assessment split the Top 40 hopefuls going through to the next round from the others who have become 'reserves'.


Here's a rundown of the contestants in the Let It Shine Top 40...

Let It Shine contestants

Clinton Elvis - 16 stars
Deaglan Arthur - 18 stars
Jazzie Mattis - 17 stars
Tyler Jack Smith - 17 stars
Nicky Price - 20 stars
Nick Carsberg - 16 stars
Jason Brock - 20 stars
Jonathan 'Jonnie' Halliwell - 20 stars

Dylan Reid - 16 stars
Craig Webb - 18 stars
Damien Kivlehan - 16 stars
Curtis T Johns - 19 stars
Julius Wright - 16 stars
Jamie Corner - 17 stars
Huw Roberts - 16 stars
Harry Neale - 16 stars

Harry Neale
Harry Neale

Jordan Harvey - 18 stars
AJ Bentley - 18 stars
Dan Budd - 16 stars
Matt Thorpe - 20 stars
Harry Brown - 17 stars
Mark Angels - 17 stars
Danny Colligan - 15 stars
Kyle Passmore - 19 stars

Nicky Price
Nicky Price

Matt Knight - 16 stars
Josh Bailey - 19 stars
Hercules Smith 16 stars
Callum Howells - 16 stars
Scott Macaulay - 19 stars
Luke Stanley - 15 Stars
Alexis Gerred - 18 stars
Sam Glen - 16 Stars

Jonathan 'Jonnie' Halliwell
Jonathan 'Jonnie' Halliwell

Connor Cunningham - 15 stars
Ryan Butterworth - 16 Stars
Sario Solomon - 16 Stars
Anthony Sahota - 16 Stars
Conor McLoughlin - 17 Stars
Yazdan Qafouri - 15 Stars
Veeraj Lutchman - 16 Stars
Bradley Johnson - 20 stars


Jordan Charles
Keith Branic
Ciaran O'Brien
Jack Hinton

Let It Shine continues Saturday nights on BBC One.

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