Celebrity Big Brother 2017: It all kicks off in massive row involving Jedward

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It all kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house last night following face to face nominations.

A new twist called the 'Weekend Of Final Judgement' started yesterday and will end with one celeb getting the boot on Sunday via the back door, with the eviction shown in Monday night's show.


Following Friday's double eviction, housemates nominated face to face last night and us viewers will get to pass judgement with one of those nominated being given the boot in a surprise eviction.

We know already that five face eviction and while the full nomination results won't be revealed until tonight's show, Big Brother has teased us with a clip of the dramatic outcome.

In a preview from tonight's show, one half of Jedward (apparently John) is seen first clashing with Nicola McLean.

"You are a complete drama queen. You wear these tops [saying] 'Plastic', 'mean Girl', 'Troublemaker' that's exactly what you are," John snaps.

"What is wrong with you? Seriously..." Nicola reacts.


John continues: "I now everyone loves all the drama and blah, blah, blah. When we come out of his, we'll see the real story of the whole thing."

Calum Best then gets involved, with claims that John's behaviour towards Nicola was "intimidating".

John tells Calum: "I get it, you're trying to save the day like a hero but this is noting to do with you."

Calum hits back: "I'm not saving the day I'm being a gentleman. Don't approach a woman like that."

John replies: "I don't need to listen to you."

While the row takes over the house, John's brother Edward is seen very much taking a silent back seat in the drama.


The full nominations results and fallout will be revealed in tonight's show on Channel 5 at 10PM, where lines will also open to vote for your favourite.

After Speidi and Jessica's evictions last night, those left in the house right now are Kim, Jedward, Bianca, Calum, Jamie, Coleen, James C and Nicola.

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