Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Letters from home arrive but half are destroyed

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates have faced the traditional letters from home task.

And as always there was a cruel twist with only some housemates getting their messages from loved ones.


Speidi were one of the celebs to win their messages and had to sacrifice another letter.

Spencer didn't waste any time in selecting Kim Woodburn's letter, declaring: "I'd like to destroy Kim's letter because she is a filthy, vile, rat bag."

He then took great glee in cutting up Kim's letter from her husband in front of her.

"Would you leave my husband out of this, he's nothing to do with Big Brother," snapped Kim as Spencer mocked her partner.

Later on Jessica won her part of the task but struggled to pick another letter to destroy.


The full results and fallout of the task will air in Saturday night's show on Channel 5.

The letters from home task followed housemates passing this week's shopping task which saw them had to refuse Big Brother's temptations.

Kim was tempted with a phone call from her husband Peter

Jamie was tempted with a phone call from his dad Paul

Coleen was tempted with an opportunity to see her son Shane Jnr

Bianca was tempted with an opportunity to see her mum Sheryl

Jessica and Nicola were tempted by video messages from their children

Speidi were tempted by a video message from Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt

Jedward were tempted by a video message from friend and actress Tara Reid


As all housemates resisted temptation, they passed the task.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Saturday night at 10PM on Channel 5.

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