Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jedward brand Nicola McLean a "b***h" in latest row

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Jedward brand Nicola McLean a "b***h" in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother as the two housemates lock horns again.

In last night's show Nicola was once again seen rowing with Jedward.


Things kicked off when John innocently commented that Nicola’s eye make-up ‘looks different’. She snapped: “You talk so much b*llocks! Why don’t you say ‘Nicola you look bad?’ I don’t give a f**k how I look!”

John insisted that he didn’t mean it like that as the pair started to clash in yet another argument.

Nicola went on to complain to Big Brother: “I don’t like living with them! They are mean spirited, trying to provoke a reaction, my bad I always give it to them! They are prodding constantly…they are robotic and I’m an emotional wreck that is always ready to blow!”

In tonight's show, John demonstrates to Jamie how to apply a condom to a banana ornament, Jamie laughs; “I definitely don’t need a lesson in that!”

But Nicola snaps: “I do not find that funny.”

Later on, Nicola and Jedward row again, this time over the shopping list.


As Nicola 'takes charge', Jedward go to complain to Spencer in the snug: “That b*tch came out of nowhere and now she’s doing it! She’s a boss!”

But Nicola isn't the only one fed up of Jedward.

Calum Best tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Jedward continue to perform…the dudes are 25 not 12! They are so defensive…it’s just little things and I’m like ‘chill the f**k out please’.”

Meanwhile, Jedward are having some fun in the bathroom. Using shaving foam, they spell ‘Jedward’ across the mirror but Nicola is not impressed with their antics.


Later, when most of the housemates are in bed, Jedward are in the kitchen spreading bubbles from the washing-up liquid all over the floor; the pair start sliding across the kitchen floor.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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