Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Will Bianca Gascoigne QUIT over boyfriend drama?

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Bianca Gascoigne has continued to deal with the fallout after her 'secret boyfriend' was revealed on CBB last night.

In yesterday's show, Bianca's partner on the outside was revealed as part of a task, prompting an emotional reaction from bother her and Jamie.


Jamie told Bianca: “I just wish you had told me the full extent of the situation. I ain’t come on a TV show to crack on with a bird to make a show. I’ve genuinely really started to like you…I’m a bit upset.”

She replied: “This is the most awkward situation I’ve been in my life. I didn’t think I’d ever have feelings for someone the way that I feel for you. The most weirdest situation I’ve been in…

"I want you to be happy, so if you think you stepping back, then I’m more than happy to do that. I hate how I feel about how you feel about it. I’m not that kind of person. I’m mortified.”

Jamie went on to confide to Big Brother in the Diary Room: “My head has been spinning! The whole Bianca thing has hurt me a bit. I’m a bit torn about what’s the right thing to do…I need to sleep on it and don’t know which bed to sleep in!”

In tonight's show, Nicola McLean tells Jamie the morning after the revelation the evening before: “I don’t think B slept a wink. She doesn’t know whether to walk or not…”

Jamie replies: “It brings a headline…did she think it wasn’t going to come out? I really feel for her but I’ve also got to look out for me.”

Later, Bianca confirms to Nicola that she feels ‘exhausted’ and that she doesn’t want this ‘to affect Jamie on the outside’.

Nicola tells her: “You’re the one who has made the mistake, he didn’t know.”


Eventually Bianca and Jamie get to together as he tells her ‘he’s feeling for her and wants to enjoy the next few days with her’.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5

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