Celebrity Big Brother housemates face messages from home dilemma

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates faced a messages from home dilemma yesterday.

A number of the group were called into the task room where they found video messages from loved ones:


- Jessica had a message from her children

- Jedward had a message from celeb pal Tara Reid

- Spencer had a message from sister Stephanie Pratt

- Jessica had a message from her children

However to watch the video, the housemates had to find a remote control hidden in the room.


Doing so would incur a fail for this week's shopping task.

Furthermore, in another cruel twist, just one of the four would get to watch their message: Whoever found their controls the quickest (assuming of course, more than the one did so).

The video message were the latest temptation delivered by Big Brother to the house as part of this week's shopping task.

Yesterday (Wednesday), other housemates were called in pairs to the task room where they had to pick between seeing or hearing from their family & friends and passing the latest task.

In one of the challenges, Coleen Nolan and Bianca were invited into the task room by Big Brother.

Big Brother explained: "Welcome to Big Brother's family portrait gallery. "As you can see it's filled with two faces who are very familiar with you, Coleen it's your son and Bianca it's your mum."

BB continued: ""Right now your real life family are stood behind the portraits. If you want, you can free them and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

"Or you can choose to leave and be a step closer to winning a luxury shopping budget for you and your fellow housemates."

Another dilemma saw Jamie and Kim given the chance to speak to their dad and husband respectively.


They faced a giant red phone box with their family waiting on the line at the other end, with Big Brother telling the pair they had to refuse to pick up the phone in order to pass the task.

The task highlights and fallout will air on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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