Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jessica Cunningham is seeing THREE guys on the outside

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Jessica Cunningham has made a shock confession on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Fresh from Bianca Gascoigne's boyfriend drama, Jessica has confessed that she's "seeing" THREE guys on the outside world.


And one of them has no idea about the other two, until now obviously.

Jessica's confession comes after presumably one of those three guys - Apprentice co-star Courtney Wood - warned her not to kiss Calum Best on the show.

He said in an interview with new! magazine: “Kissing someone will be over the line.

“There’s one thing I’m not and that’s a mug.

“If she’s constantly trying to get with him that’s it for me. I won’t go on anymore dates with that girl.”

In the house, Jessica has been upping the flirting with Calum although it hasn't gone as far as Bianca and Jamie O'Hara's 'romance' just yet.


But last night, Jessica dropped a bombshell to a few of the other housemates.

Perhaps wanting to make things clear after Bianca was exposed for hiding a boyfriend, Jessica revealed: "I'm seeing three guys on the outside."

And she admitted to Nicola McLean: "Two of them know I'm seeing three of them but the other one doesn't..."

"F**k man," reacted Nicola.

Jessica added: "I'm not having sex with all three...

"I'm very straight where everyone stands."


Nicola concluded: "We need a relationship counsellor to come in."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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