Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Kim Woodburn accuses Speidi of 'bullying' her in new row

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Speidi and Kim Woodburn got involved in a late night barney in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house last night.

Things got heated when Kim walked into the kitchen and overheard Spencer talking about her.


She went on to give him a stern warning before things kicked off and accusations of "bullying" were thrown by both sides.

Kim began by telling Spencer: "Steady on young man, as long as you're steady I'm alright with it. Go too far and you'll have it.

"I'll say one thing to you, I'm not looking for trouble.... You keep this up, you're going to have a lot of trouble from me.

"I don't interfere with you I don't speak to you. I'll take it for so long and then I'll blow. I'm just warning you so you've been warned.

"I can't be more honest."


"Thank you for the warning," replied Spencer.

Kim continued: "You will not bully me, you will not pass a rotten remark."

Spencer hit back: "You're the biggest bully. Kim, you're not going to get a scene out of me. Kim, you're gone on Friday. Sweet dreams."

Heidi added: "have a good day, thank you."

Spencer went on: "You're the biggest bully here, please leave I do not want to speak with you."

Their chat then escalated as both Speidi and Kim started to shout over one another across the kitchen table.


Eventually Speidi decided to run away - with their beans and toast - while singing over Kim's complaints.

The fallout will air in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights at 9PM on Channel 5.

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