The Voice UK 2017: Competitive Jazmin Sawyers wants to WIN!

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Competitive The Voice UK hopeful Jazmin Sawyers says she wants to win.

In fact, the Olympic long jumper wants to win EVERYTHING.


She confessed this week: "I can't get away from my competitiveness. I want to win everything, even the things I’m really bad at, like when I play games with family and friends.

"I have to remind myself that I’m not experienced in this and I’ve still got so much to learn."

Jazmin appeared at The Voice 2017's blind auditions last weekend where she won a spot on Team at the VERY last second of her song.

"Because it was such a late turn, I’d resigned mtself to the fact nobody wanted me. So I was over the moon when I saw Will spin around at the last second. I went mad!" Jazmin admitted.

Meanwhile, speaking to Star magazine, the talented performer said that taking on The Voice UK was far harder than the Olympics.

She explained: "You can prepare for the Olympics - the training is specific and everything is scientific - take off at the right angle and the jump will work. Standing on stage is different because it’s based on opinion.

"I can give it my best shot and it still might not go right. That’s scary but thrilling."

And Jazmin is keen to pursue both over the next few years, adding: "In ten years’ time my legs are going to be in the same shape they are now, so there’s no way I can keep jumping forever.


"Whereas I’m hoping singing could be a career I can pursue for a long time."

The Voice UK 2017 blind auditions continue this Saturday night on ITV.

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