Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jamie O'Hara discovers Bianca Gascoigne 'secret boyfriend'

Things got SUPER AWKWARD in the Celebrity Big Brother house today when Jamie O'Hara discovered Bianca Gascoigne 'secret boyfriend'.

Yesterday in the house the apparently loved up pair were seen getting real cosy in the toilet.


Kissing could be heard as Bianca said, “Mind my zip," while the pair were then heard laughing as Jamie told her, “The things I’m gonna do to you when we get out of here.”

Today that 'love' quickly evaporated thanks to Big Brother's stirring.

Coleen Nolan hosted 'Big Brother's Bit On The Inside' as part of a new task with panellists, Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn.

One topic up for discussion was romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Jamie and Bianca joined the panel.

Speaking about his relationship with Bianca, Jamie said: "At the start that was not my intention, I was worried about that and how I'd be perceived but the longer you spend time with someone who connects with you and you have a laugh, you feel that person gets you, it's only natural to think 'F**k it, why not?'"


Bianca added: "We've planned hopefully to spend some time together."

Then, for seemingly no reason other than to cause drama, Big Brother played back Bianca's coded chat about her 'mum' - understood to really be about her partner on the outside - to the housemates.

Bianca explained herself: "It's something I need to sort out but I had no intentions of romance within the house but it has happened and I feel terrible for it. In here you can't have that conversation."

Jamie reacted: "You did say you were single though... "

Bianca told him: "Yeah... no but... I'll explain it to you."

Later on in the fallout of the task there were tears.

"I should have filled you in but the situation between me and you was getting better and better.. I'm just so sorry," Bianca sobbed.

Jamie admitted: "I was a bit fuming because I thought you was single. I as a bit upset, if I wasn't bothered I'd have been like 'F**k this' but because I'm like 'F**king hell I actually really like you', and then I'm like 'F**king hell, you've got a fella'.


"I don't know what's going on here really."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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