Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 21 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight?

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Here are all of the highlights from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 on Channel 5.

On tonight’s show: James C is disappointed in his Housemates, Bianca and Jamie get close in the toilet and Jedward are on Nicola’s radar.


Bianca is craving a banana. Stacy brings her one and explains that although she has been “criticised” for hoarding food, “I do give when I hear someone say that want it.”

Coleen is in the garden with James C. She says she is upset that no one spoke up last night when Spencer pulled her duvet back when she was sleeping and groaned and laughed in her face.

Calum joins Coleen and James C and Coleen leaves. James C relays the conversation and Calum says that what Spencer did “wasn’t right.”

John is styling himself and puts on a green jacket, “It’s green because I’m from Ireland, I’m a leprechaun.”

Calum and Jamie are talking about Spencer and James C. “James was f**king fuming,” Calum says. “You wouldn’t want him coming after you,” Jamie retorts.

In the bedroom, Stacy explains her reason for arguing with Jessica yesterday when Jessica cited Stacy hiding food as a reason to nomination her. Stacy explains that during the ‘Hell’ task, Jedward ate a lot of the food, so she isn’t being “selfish,” it’s for everyone.


Jessica says that her reason for nominating Stacy was more “substantial.” Stacy snaps: “OK, your life is more important than mine, we’ve already established that.”

Kim is in the background of the argument and states, “I rest my case folks.” “Who are you today?” Stacy retorts.

Calum talks to Speidi about Coleen and mentions that as Coleen is ‘”run down” Spencer’s goading feels “more personal.” Spencer says that now that he knows James C is annoyed with him, he would prefer James C “to crack and come at me.”

Coleen, James C and Jamie are in the garden. James C says, “Angry is not really the right expression,” for how he feels about last night’s incident. “You and Calum laughed,” she reminds Jamie.

Jamie apologises to Coleen and says he didn’t think Spencer was being “serious,” adding: “Sorry, I read the situation wrong.”

James C is talking to Big Brother about his fellow Housemates. He says he is disappointed at the “pathetic games of alliances and hatreds” in the house. He says the house started with good intentions but has degraded into a “a feral cat fight.”

Nicola, Stacy and Coleen are talking about James C and Spencer. Nicola confesses, “I’m too much of a p***y to say anything.” Nicola says the whole house could be disappointed in James C too: “He put them up for nomination, he turned them into something I worry about.”

Stacy relays her conversation with James C yesterday about his integrity and his mention of a violent past. Coleen is worried “it will go to that level.”


Stacy is in the bedroom filling some of the Housemates in on her earlier argument with Jessica when Kim jumped in. Jessica enters the bedroom and Stacy mocks: “I’m gonna be gang-handed, it’s a game it’s a game, ooh I’m so scared.”

Jedward are messing about in the garden. Nicola is in the bathroom and tells Stacy that she would “love them (Jedward) to go tomorrow.” Stacy says the boys are cute. Nicola says if her own children did the things Jedward did she would think it cute, as her sons are aged 10 and 6.

Earlier today, Housemates were treated to pizza as a reward for winning a task. Jedward have dressed up in the empty boxes. All of the Housemates are in bed. The boys make noises at the door and Nicola gets up.

“Here we go, the 10 year olds, no one is f**king interested, my 6 year old has more respect than you,” Nicola snaps.


Jedward reply in a robot voice, “Is that the time of the month, would you like some tampons?”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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