Celebrity Big Brother's Stacy Francis wants to crawl into bed with Calum Best

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Stacy Francis has been REALLY enjoying her time with Calum Best on Celebrity Big Brother.

And while she ruled out ever having sex on TV, Stacy revealed to the other housemates she would go "right to the edge" with Calum in the house.


Assuming he was up for it, of course, which Stacy wasn't too sure about.

"I love when he goes there with me and we just play,” she said in a chat with the other housemates last night. “It’s fun, it’s innocent.”

“I'd give you all some good TV if he was ready to play with me! I wouldn’t have sex on TV but I would definitely kiss and do the hmm,” Stacy added. “[I would go] right to the edge. I could crawl in bed with him and just kiss... Calum Best, you’re the best!"

She continued: "But I wouldn’t, like, do the do the do, because I have kids. I can’t be on national television doing that! But if he was ready to do a little something, I’d be like, ‘Come on boo!’”

However Stacy went on to confess that she didn't think Calum was her type.

“I’m just being honest,” she said. “I’m not playing the victim or being weird, I don’t think I’m his type. I think I’m a little too chubby, a little too old, I just have all these considerations.


“Outside of here, I wouldn’t see myself as his type, that’s all. And that’s okay, I’m secure enough in who I am to accept that, that doesn’t bother me.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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