Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Stacy Francis is rowing with Jessica Cunningham (again)

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Stacy Francis was rowing with Jessica Cunningham once again in Celebrity Big Brother yesterday.

The pair kicked off almost as soon as they had woken up in a clash over Stacy apparently stashing food.


"I wanted to ease your fears cause I heard you say 'I don't like that Stacy hides food'," Stacy approached Jessica to say. "I started stashing food, we all knew that, everyone in the house knew that I was stashing food.

"We'd all share it, this is not some selfish thing I'm doing."

"It doesn't bother me," insisted Jessica before the pair's chat got heated.

Jessica went on to claim that Stacy had accused her of playing a game by giving massages to people to keep them onside.

Stacy snapped: "Everything is about you, your life is more important than mine, your reasons are more substantial than mine, you're more important than me, we've established that.

"You've made it very clear since you've come in this house who's important so go for it."


A perplexed Jessica reacted: "How have I made it out that I'm more important coming in this house? I've come in, been myself, been friendly..."

"I got it, I got it, you're so much more important than Stacy Francis," continued Stacy.

Jessica replied: "If that's what you think, that's your insecurities coming out that's nothing to do with me. Your opinion of me is nothing to do with me..."

"It's what you think, go with it boo, fly with it," Stacy went on.


Jessica walked away and muttered: "Absolute nutter."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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