Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Nicola McLean had 'no idea' about Kim Woodburn's baby tragedy

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Nicola McLean had 'no idea' about Kim Woodburn's baby loss when making a dig about her not being a mum on Celebrity Big Brother.

Tonight's show saw Nicola and Kim row about nominations after Kim accused Nicola of lying.


As Nicola asked Kim what she “supposedly” lied about, Kim told Nicola to accept the nominations and said she didn’t have to explain herself adding, “I will not rise to your bait.”

Later, Nicola explained to Speidi the reason why she was angry with Kim. She said that Kim brought her children into an argument and called her a “bad mum.”

Spencer recalled that this was during face-to-face nominations but Kim had since denied saying it. “Tell everyone how I’m a liar,” Nicola shouted after Kim.

The row then escalated with Kim snapping: “Grow up, you’re a mum.”

“And you’re not, that’s your problem," Nicola replied.

She added: "If you wanna go low, I’ll go lower."


The remark caused outrage with viewers, especially given recent headlines about Kim's past.

In a recent article in Reveal magazine before entering the house, Kim opened up about how she tragically lost her baby when she was 23.

Kim said: "It was a very sad part of my life. I would never go back to visit the spot where it happened. That would just be too much. I couldn't do it."

In a statement on Twitter, Nicola's official Twitter account wrote: "Nicola knows nothing about Kim's life prior to CBB and anything Nicola says to Kim is based purely on her behaviour in the CBB house.

"If Nicola knew what Kim had experienced in the past she would have never retaliated in the way she does in their row tonight."


They added: "She'll be devastated when she gets out of the house and finds out about what Kim went through."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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