Celebrity Big Brother 2017: James Cosmo prepares to go to war with Speidi

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James Cosmo has warned things could turn "nasty" on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The actor is set to face off against Speidi, aka Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.


The pair - well, mainly Spencer tbh - still aren't happy that James C cursed them with eternal nomination in a twist last week.

And as well as going after James, Speidi have also been going after his pals in the house.

Coleen Nolan complained in the garden yesterday: "He [Spencer] thinks I should fall out with James C because he [James] picked them for eternal nomination?

He [Spencer] needs to f**king grow up then and stop being a child. I actually don't care what he thinks."

Nicola McLean commented: "They've been really silly in the game they've played in telling everyone they want to stay and they're not bothered and not effected when clearly they're really upset, which is really baffling because no one has done anything to make them really upset.

"But they really are... unless they are just playing a massive game still. I don't know, I will never know."

Coleen continued: "When he's [Spencer] in the room saying things about me, I'm pretending to be asleep and he's going 'No doubt the little puppet will be sitting out there with that talentless piece of s**t' he shouted across the room.

"Fortunately James C sleeps like a log."


James C himself concluded: "This might be a game but I take everything personally and it could end up very nasty."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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