Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations played back to the house causing a HUGE row

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There was a little twist in the tail for this week's Celebrity Big Brother nominations.

Yesterday, Housemates were called to give nominations in the Diary Room. Eternally nominated Speidi were already up for eviction and so could not be nominated, nor could eternally immune James Cosmo.


In a nominations twist, Big Brother decided to gather Housemates on the sofas to watch this week’s nominations back via the screen as the results were revealed.

The fallout - to be aired in tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5 - was rather explosive.


In the nominations reveal, housemates see that Kim chose to nominate Nicola and during her nomination and claimed that Nicola had told lies about her.

After nominations, Nicola asks Kim what she “supposedly” lied about. Kim tells Nicola to accept the nominations and says she doesn’t have to explain herself adding, “I will not rise to your bait.”

Some of the Housemates are in the living area. Nicola explains to Speidi the reason why she is angry with Kim. She says that Kim brought her children into an argument and called me a “bad mum.”


Spencer recalls that this was during face-to-face nominations but Kim has since denied saying it. “Tell everyone how I’m a liar,” Nicola shouts after Kim.

“She’s a mother-f***ing little b***h,” Nicola shouts and reveals that Kim spoke to her since the face-to-face nominations to says that what she said was, “'Nicole', would my kids want to hear me swearing.”

Kim and Nicola's row continues with Kim snapping: “Grow up, you’re a mum.”

“And you’re not, that’s your problem, if you wanna go low, I’ll go lower,” snaps Nicola.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Kim also rows with Stacy in a clash over washing up.

It's after Kim removes clothes from the washing machine and puts them on the floor.

Stacy tells Kim it’s not OK to treat other Housemates’ property that way, and isn’t sure how to take Kim. She says Kim is all apologetic today but may be a “schizophrenic,” opposite to her first few days in the house “when you came in and called someone a b***h.”


Stacy tells Kim not to “f**k” with her today.


“And don’t you f**k with me, start with me and you’ll be very sorry,” Kim warns.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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