Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Spencer Pratt is still FUMING with James Cosmo

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Spencer Pratt is still FUMING with James Cosmo after last Friday's Celebrity Big Brother nominations twist.

Last week, Housemates nominated who they would like to be permanently immune from eviction, the majority chose James C.


In a subsequent shock twist, James C had to choose a housemate to receive permanent nomination, he chose Speidi who were not best pleased.

With Spencer still going on about it yesterday, Coleen Nolan asked him: "You really don't take kindly to people who go against you, do you?"

Spencer told how her how James C's decision made him "instantly now hate him".

The American housemate ranted: "Go against me? Is that what we're calling that? We vote for a nomination but eternally nominated is pure disrespect when there's somebody that deserves it so much more and I'm not going to here the whole 'Oh you wanted to go'.

"That whole story line, I'm not going to hear that. And it's not like an act, I genuinely could not dislike that person more and I've said it from Day One he's the biggest actor in this game.


Spencer went on to take aim at James' career, quipping: "I've never seen an A list movie with him since the 90s."

After Coleen pointed out his work on Game Of Thrones, Spencer remarked: "You can't be A list on a TV show. His own men killed him. Why do you think his own men killed him on that show?"

"I think it was in the script," replied Coleen.

"No, I think they knew his character and they were like 'He should be stabbed by all of us'." claimed Spencer.


As a result of last week's twist, Speidi are automatically up for this week's eviction while James C is guaranteed to be safe.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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