Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Stacy Francis RAGES at Kim Woodburn in row over clothes

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Kim Woodburn may have finally met her match on Celebrity Big Brother in the form of Stacy Francis.

The pair have got involved in a HUGE shouting match in the latest row to rock on the house.


Stacy branded Kim "disrespectful" for apparently leaving taking her clothes out of the washing machine and leaving them on the floor.

“You put my stuff on the floor! That’s not disrespectful? I would never do that to anybody in this house," Stacy shouted at Kim.

“Why would you put it on the floor?” she ranted in the bedroom. “You should put it in the dryer! Why would you put somebody's things on the floor?

"If you’re a nice, kind person – which I want to believe you are – you wouldn’t have put it on the floor, you would have put it in the dryer.”


The row then moved out into the living area with Stacy still fuming at Kim.

Stacy raged: “If it’s not clean it means somebody has been in front of you to get their things washed so you’re being selfish. You cannot make me wrong on this or say I’m being irrational on this because it’s disrespectful and it's not okay. It's disrespectful."

She added: “We live in a house of 13 people. You can’t come take somebody’s s**t out of the washing machine, put it on the floor, put your stuff in and make yourself right about it, then get mad at me screaming because I have a right to. I was there first!”

As Kim tried to explain her actions it only set Stacy off more.

The American housemate blasted: "We live together in this house and we're driving each other crazy, it's time to f**king go home.


"You come and take s**t out of the washing machine, put it on the f**king floor and come out here and try to justify it, it's not okay. It's disrespectful and it's not okay

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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