Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Spencer Pratt says Nicola McLean is 'dead to him'

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Spencer Pratt is still fuming with Nicola McLean in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Last night Chloe was evicted; James C received eternal immunity and granted Heidi and Spencer eternal nomination.


Following a row last night, Speidi are no longer talking to Nicola after she failed to vote for them for immunity,

Nicola tells Jamie: “The reality of it is, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Jamie and Calum are in the bath together talking about Speidi. Jamie thinks Spencer and Heidi are using Nicola “as a reason to target” people.

Spencer tells Heidi that Nicola is “more dead than Kim to me.”

Speidi are whispering in bed: “Next nomination put up Nicola and Coleen, everyone needs to be up for nomination.”

Nicola has come to the bedroom to talk to Spencer and Heidi.


Nicola says that Speidi are the last people she would want to “hurt or offend.” Spencer says that Heidi can do “whatever,” but tells Nicola he was “done” with her as soon as she held Coleen’s picture up during nominations.

“However you feel, I need to let you know I f**ked up,” Nicola ends. Heidi says she “appreciates” Nicola coming to talk to them.

Jamie tells Speidi that Nicola “f**king loves you,” which is why the situation is has affected her so badly. “No one is coming for her,” Heidi remarks.

Later on, Jamie, Coleen and Nicola are in the living area. Jamie notices that Nicola is upset and tells her to talk to him.

“I’m done,” Nicola waves and heads to the smoking area. Jamie and Coleen follow. Coleen tells Jamie him that Nicola feels people have been “disloyal” by continuing to speak to Spencer and Heidi.


Jamie says that is not the case and Nicola tells him: “Just so you know, I won’t sit with people that make people feel how I’ve felt.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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