Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Nicola McLean gets secret task with a twist

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Big Brother stirred things up in the house yesterday with a double secret task.

It started when Big Brother called Nicola McLean to the Diary Room to give her a secret mission.


Nicola was told she had to reveal her feelings about the other housemates using a string of secret signals.

For example, Big Brother may instruct Nicola to hug who she thinks is the friendliest housemate or tickle the sexiest person.

However, unknown to Nicola at the time, the other housemates were gathered and given a secret task of their own.

Jessica Cunningham was given an earpiece and told that Big Brother would reveal the same instructions to her as given to Nicola.

"I fee like an MI5 agent!" declared Jessica.

Jessica had to secretly confer with the rest of the housemates and correctly predict which housemate Nicola would choose for the various questions.

Among the challenges set by Big Brother, housemates had to correctly predict which housemate Nicola would dance in front of to reveal they were desperate for air time and who she would hug to show they were the least deserving of their place in the house.

Highlights of the task air on Saturday night's show at 10:30PM.


But if you can't wait, you can watch a preview in the video above.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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