Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Stacy Francis explodes at Jessica Cunningham in another row

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Jessica Cunningham and Stacy Francis have had another row in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house.

The pair locked horns earlier this week in a clash that went to see security enter the house after Kim Woodburn and Jamie O'Hara got involved.


In that argument, Jessica and Stacy were talking about Kim’s problem with Nicola aka Nicole McLean. Stacy said that Kim’s issues “seemed to come out of nowhere.”

Jessica told her that people with issues on the outside, might take it out on other people.

Stacy said that she has been through tough times but wouldn’t put it on others. Jessica replied that she has also been through hard times.

They then started to argue about whose life has been tougher before Big Brother called Stacy to the Diary Room while Jessica was left crying in the toilet.

Stacy and Jessica were at it again in the house Thursday night in another explosive row.


"I don't like this, f**king coming in acting like they know what it's like to have been here for two weeks, being judgemental, I don't like it," Stacy said of the recent new housemates.

As Jessica tried to stick up for herself, Stacy raged: "Don't talk to me, don't f**king talk to me, I didn't ask you s**t."

Jessica continued to tried to get a word in edgeways but Stacy shouted over her: "You have no reality on what we've been through for the last two weeks, none! I don't want to hear you."

The American housemate continued: "You don't have a clue, I have no more words to stay to you, you're disrespectful. You're very disrespectful, you don't know the game.


"You don't have any idea. We're family, we've been here for two weeks. You have no idea how I feel, you have not been here as long as me."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 with the latest live eviction show.

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