Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 16 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight?

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Here are all of the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights from tonight's show.

Last night, following a heated argument with Nicola and Jamie, Kim slept in the spare bedroom within the CBB house


Kim is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “The conspiracy in here against me, I think I’ve cracked it…Nicole in a word, she’s got them under a spell dear. She says jump and they say how high! She’s painting a picture of me that doesn’t exist. I’ve got a battle on here…that’s all I can say my love…I think I’m walking back into a hornet’s nest but one can be hopeful.”

In toilet, Nicola and Stacy are talking about the argument with Kim. Stacy tells her; “I was very proud of you…it wasn’t that bad.” Nicola asks her; “If I’m near losing it, I want you to bring me back cos I’ll go, I see like red and I f**king go.”

Kim exits the diary room into the main house. Jessica wishes her good morning, Kim replies; “Good morning Jessica.” She heads to the bedroom

For this week’s shopping task, housemates will be attending Big Brother’s hero training camp. Housemates will be split into heroes and their sidekicks. Sidekicks have to cater to their heroes every need and complete gruelling tests to show their loyalty

James C is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I’m a serious man, my position is that I would find it very demeaning to wear that. I wouldn’t wish my family or my friends to see me dressed like that. I’m very sorry about my decision, as it will impact the rest of the house. I am not going to wear the costume.” Big Brother announces to the house that although James C will be taking part in the task, he has refused to wear his costume. As this is a breach of the rules, hot water will be turned off

As part of the task, whenever Big Brother plays hero music into the house, housemates must rush to their podiums in the garden and strike their hero pose. Each hero is given a sidekick who must declare their loyalty by giving their hero compliments


In the kitchen, James C tells Kim; “I felt that you were quite protective of yourself…”Kim replies; “I don’t want to shout at people but I’ve been treated despicably…”

In the diary room, Chloe is talking about Kim; “I’m actually a fan of hers! Some things she says is out of order…”

In the bedroom, Kim goes to talk to Nicola; “I’m one of these people if I see something that annoys me I’m going to say it…I’ve come in here to be myself.” Nicola replies; “You came into argue.” Kim disagrees. Nicola adds; “Just don’t talk to me, you’re so deluded! Listen to people talk.” Kim says; “I have come to you in this room quietly…I haven’t talked at you.”

James C comments on Kim; “She’s like a dog with a bone!”

In the bedroom, Chloe tells Jessica that she and Calum have kissed on the lips. Chloe believes; “It’s a big deal.”

As part of the task, the sidekicks visit the science laboratory. Heroes must ask their sidekicks probing questions to get the truth out of them. If the sidekicks answer these questions truthfully to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they will pass this part of the task. Chloe is asked by her hero if she was really offended by Jessica fancying Calum, she replies; “Yes! Because I thought she was my friend and I really fancy Calum.”

Calum is asked by his hero Kim if he has a crush on her, he replies; “Unfortunately not! There is no crush there.” He calls Chloe ‘bae’, she smiles

James C reveals that he finds Kim irritates him the most; “I don’t think she’s come in with the right attitude.”


Jamie’s hero asks him; “Do you have feelings for anyone in the house?” He reveals; “I’m starting to get very strong feelings for Bianca.” The pair hug

In the living area, Jessica is tearful about Chloe’s comments about her during the task; “I thought she was my friend...” Spencer tells her; “You’ve no real loyalty to not flirt with Calum, she didn’t call him, it’s not her possession.” Coleen reminds Jessica; “You’ve not stolen her boyfriend! He’s single!”

Chloe and Jessica are talking in the toilet, Chloe says; “I do see you as a good friend. You’re making it a big deal! He’s not me boyfriend! You are overeating. I don’t care if you flirt!” They agree to forget about it and leave the toilet smiling

On the sofas, Chloe tries to kiss Calum, he tells her; “That’s enough!” She states; “I nearly went in for a kiss but I though nah!” They laugh

Kim and Jessica are talking in the smoking area and agree to meet up on the outside. Kim says; “I’m taking you to dinner! When you make your money you can (take me for dinner), when you make a lot of money you can treat me!”

Calum tells Bianca and Jamie that Chloe went in for a kiss

Chloe comes out of the bedroom in a bikini and gives John a lap dance. Housemates cheer and John is left laughing

Spencer advises Chloe to ‘turn it up’ with Calum

Jamie is in the diary room, he smiles; “Bianca has a fantastic aura around her…it’s early days and I don’t want to put her under pressure I feel like we’re getting closer…she’s a very beautiful girl.”

In bedroom, Calum is in his bed. Chloe wants to share his bed, he tells her; “Just chill Chlo! We’ll have a flirt tomorrow…you’re a beautiful young girl and I enjoyed your company tonight. Chloe go to bed.” Chloe goes to her bed and mutters; “Nothing will happen, I don’t care…”


Jamie and Bianca hug in her bed

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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