Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Ferry accused of 'sexually assaulting' Jedward after 'bum rub'

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Chloe Ferry has come under criticism for giving Jedward a 'bum rubbing' in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house today.

Ahead of the eviction - which played out in last night's live show - Chloe got rather intimate with another of her fellow housemates.

Following Calum Best's rejection of her advances, one half of Jedward found himself cornered by Chloe in the bathroom.

She emerged from the show and proceeded to rub herself over the twin as he worked on his famous quiff.

John and Chloe.
John and Chloe.

"Oh God, oh God, what are you doing?! What are you doing to us?!" reacted John (*we think).

He continued: "Jeez, I can''t even look at you right now."

Chloe declared: "This is what you call a real girl, that's a real woman's bum."

And she reassured: "It's just been washed"

Viewers were split over the Geordie Shore lass' antics.

"Imagine if a man rubbed his bits all over a woman, there would be outrage," one viewer wrote online.

Another tweeted: "What Chloe did to John was highly unacceptable and actually sexual assault #cbb"

But Chloe did have some fans with one supporting her: "Sorry but I love Chloe ! Hope she wins"

Chloe was later warned by Big Brother for the "uninvited physical contact."

BB told her: "Invading people's space is unacceptable and Big Brother would suggest your refrain from this sort of behaviour."


Chloe apologised for the "joke".

The spokesperson for CBB said: “In accordance with established protocols Big Brother dealt with this accordingly.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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