Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Speidi left fuming with Jedward after latest eviction

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Speidi are left fuming with Jedward on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight after the latest eviction.

In this evening's show, Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the eviction and James J is announced as fourth evictee as we saw live last night. James J leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Spencer and Heidi are visibly upset, “I didn’t see that coming,” Spencer says.

Jedward celebrate in the bedroom and jump up and down on James J’s bed. Some of the Housemates are watching from the sofa.

“They might as well be stomping on his grave.” Calum says.

Speidi are also in the bedroom, upset at James J’s departure. Heidi goes into the bathroom and is heard crying. Spencer is on his bed, also crying.

Jedward tell him that although Speidi were close to James J, Speidi had the “best banter,” of the two. “Everyone bounced off you, you're fricking awesome.” Spencer gives them thumbs up.

The pair go out to the rest of the housemates in the Garden. They tell them what Jedward were saying and about the boys jumping on James J’s, “I was gonna snap” Spencer adds.


“We’re very happy to have you James, you’re our biggest threat,” Heidi tells James C. The Housemates in the garden all raise a toast to James J, “Most deserving All Star.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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