Marnie Simpson reveals why she and Lewis Bloor split up after Celebrity Big Brother

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Marnie Simpson has opened up about why she and Lewis Bloor really split up following Celebrity Big Brother.

The pair coupled up on the previous CBB series and, if we’re being honest, the relationship did last a lot longer than we expected on the outside.


However the pair did split up over the New Year, with Marnie tweeting: "Shout out to all the girls starting the new year with a break up.

"Yeah, ditto 😑"

Speaking to star magazine this week, Marnie revealed what went on between the pair, explaining: “We had a lot of personal problems we couldn’t work out. I’m really confused about the whole situation.”

She admitted: “I still love Lewis and I hope he feels the same, so I’m not ruling out us getting back together.”

The Geordie Star continued: “It’s hard because we live so far away from each other. We both care about each other so much and it didn’t end on bad terms.

“We’re still speaking together every day. I don’t want t beg singing again It’s scary thinking we aren’t going to be together. “

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