Gavin Rossdale defends The Voice UK's 'brutal' new audition twist

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Gavin Rossdale reckons The Voice UK's 'brutal' new audition twist actually makes the show a lot better.

This year's sixth series of The Voice UK has seen a new change to the blind auditions, where acts who don't get any coaches turning around immediately leaving the stage.


Whereas in past series on the BBC the coaches would spin around at the end of the performance to comment on the audition, now they remain with their backs turned and never see who was performing.

Gavin, who has also appeared on the American version of the show, said: "I think it is a lot better.

"I watched a lot of The Voice in America and people can sound disingenuous when they haven’t pressed their buttons but turn round and say ‘you are so incredible’ and ‘you are going to have this superstar career but I didn’t want you on my team.’

"The no turn change stops it being like that. Its more dramatic in one way - yet spares some real awkwardness."

He continued: "Usually there is a consistent reason why we don’t turn, like the singer just hasn’t touched us emotionally.

"They can all sing, no doubt about it, but if they haven’t touched us emotionally we won’t turn. Maybe they chose a song that didn’t represent themselves well.


"They can all sing, enough of them better than I can, but music is an art form that is really particular and personal and it’s all about really getting you."

The Voice UK 2017 blind auditions continue this Saturday night at 8PM on ITV.

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