Celebrity Big Brother's Speidi have the ultimate game plan, apparently

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Spiedi know exactly what they’re doing on Celebrity Big Brother, Spencer’s sister Stephanie Pratt has said.

The American duo were runners up on the show to Rylan Clark-Neal in 2013 but are back in the house for this month’s All star series.


They’ve made no secret of wanting to win and - according to Stephanie - have the ultimate BB game plan lined up.

“They were preparing for war this time around,” she spilled. “They’ve studied every single series and they feel like they know how to play the game now.

“They kept saying they’re going to win it. Before he went in, Spencer said, ‘I’m going to make it fun.’ He is definitely going to stir things up as much as he can.”

And Stephanie reckons there are (almost) no twists or turns that Big Brother can throw at the pair.

“I don’t think anything can shake them - unless they mess with Spencer’s food,” she teased. “As long as they have each other, they don’t care about anything else.”

However Stephanie revealed there were some limits to what she would support.


“I did warn my brother that if he does something embarrassing or super wild then I’ll totally lead the campaign to get him out,” she confessed to new! magazine “If he goes too far, or does anything too savage, then I’m not sure I could stand by that. “

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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