'Deteriorating' behaviour of the UK's schoolgirls blamed on reality telly

Cheryl Cole

The behaviour of the girls in British schools is reportedly deteriorating - and reality telly is all to blame. Apparently. In fact, the way the Daily Mail put the story across in today's paper it would seem as though Cheryl Cole is entirely to blame for this nation's schooling problems. Blimey.

The newspaper suggests the behaviour of young girls has changed because many have been trying to, get this, "attract attention from boys," clearly a new phenomenon brought about by reality telly and its associated celebs including Cole.

As a result of these girls trying to attract the attention of boys, the Mail continues, teachers are now having to deal with "horsing around" and the use of mobile phones in lessons. The paper cites the The Association of Teachers and Lecturers junior vice president Hank Roberts who claimed shows like The X Factor created "false image of success, that anyone can do it and it’s just a matter of luck rather than hard work."

He added: "Easy routes to money or fame – or both – are distorting for people and especially enticing if you’re not a natural high achiever."

The Daily Mail helpfully adds WAGS into the mix of other things to blame the poor behaviour of kids on, defining them as "young women who obtain instant wealth by marrying sportsmen," before going on to name Cheryl Cole as one of these celebs with apparent "WAG appeal".

That would be the same Cheryl Cole who not only was a millionaire in her own right thanks to Girls Aloud before marrying her then footballer boyfriend Ashley Cole in 2006, but also divorced said footballer more than a year ago.

The newspaper then goes on to quote an unnamed teaching assistant who says: "Girls are definitely getting more violent, with gangs of girls in school getting worse than the gangs of boys." Sounds aggressive, but what does the paper reckon is linked to this increase in violence?

Of course! Last year's X Factor contestants including Cher Lloyd and Katie Wassiel!

I can't help but wonder what reality shows the article writer has been watching...

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