Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chloe Ferry and Jessica Cunningham kiss and make up (for now)

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Jessica Cunningham and Chloe Ferry have made up after last night's Celebrity Big Brother row.

Despite initially hitting it off after entering the house last Friday, Chloe and Jessica's girly friendship turned sour in last night's show with an argument over Calum Best.


After exchanging comments about their vaginas in the toilet, the pair both revealed they fancied their fellow housemate.

Later in the Diary Room, Chloe spoke to Big Brother about Jessica and complained that she was now making a play for Calum and thinks it was “disrespectful”.

A tipsy Chloe then sat on Calum’s lap and tried to kiss him but got rejected as he told her: “Jokes aside, I’m glad you’re here, you got a great face and butt, but it’s time to go to bed.”

Things eventually kicked off when Chloe and Jessica were in the bathroom talking about Calum. Chloe told Jessica that she was upset with her for also saying she liked Calum. Chloe said that Jessica had made her “feel like f**king s**t” and called her a “two-faced cow.”

Chloe then shouted and threw a cup in the bathroom prompting her to be called to the Diary Room where she continued to kick off about Jessica, “She thinks she’s a f**king Kardashian.”

Yesterday in the house, the morning after the row the night before, Chloe admitted: "I overreacted, I really overreacted!"

As she and Jessica hugged it out, the Geordie Shore star added: "I don't want any boy to become between us, never."

"Hoes before bros!" declared a giggling Jessica.


Chloe went on to admit she was "embarrassed" by her behaviour which saw her lose it in the Diary Room over Jessica and Calum.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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