Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jamie O'Hara's ex wife Danielle Lloyd may enter the house

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Jamie O'Hara's ex wife Danielle Lloyd could join Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The model, who previously appeared on the show herself back in 2007, has been approached by show bosses to return to the house.


It's apparently not the first time that Danielle has been invited to make a guest appearance on this year's series.

According to The Sun newspaper, it's hoped if Danielle says yes there could be "some seriously dramatic TV" as she and Jamie confront one another.


A source told the tabloid: “CBB producers have approached Danielle’s management to ask her to go into the house.

“With Jamie in there and him talking a lot about their relationship they clearly think she will want to set the record straight.

“The approach has been made and her management are discussing it, but Danielle might not want to keep involved."


Danielle and Jamie divorced in 2014 and while Jamie has rarely mentioned Danielle by name on the show, he has spoken about his 'ex wife' a number of times.

In one chat he claimed: "When I was with her, I was earning really good money and she kind of expected that to continue. But I'm not on that money no more.

"I am trying. I am paying out a fortune. It's so f**king draining, the constant battle. When I was at Fulham I was paying out pretty much everything I was earning."

And in during the weekend, he said: "She’s absolutely crackers.

“When she’s had a few drinks, she’s crazy.”

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Danielle revealed she had stopped watching the show due to anxiety.

And she said: "Then the hate messages towards me from the public started appearing on my social media.

“At first I replied to some of the comments about me being a gold digger to let people know it wasn’t true. But then I stopped because they just kept coming and getting worse.

“Some are really vile, calling me a slag and all sorts of swear words."


Danielle added: “I’m suffering from panic attacks and now I only go out when I have to because I’m frightened someone will recognise me and have a go."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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