Celebrity Big Brother housemates don't know what to make of "vulgar" Chloe Ferry

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates really aren't sure what to make of "vulgar" Chloe Ferry.

In last night's highlights show, Angie was the first Housemate to be evicted in the public vote and Austin was also evicted after being named the dullest Housemate by his fellow Housemates.

Their exits were followed by three news additions, Chloe, Jessica Cunningham and Kim Woodburn, entering the house.

And the trio made quite the impression with the girls kicking off in a row in over the hot tub on their first evening in the house.

In tonight's show, Chloe and Jessica are in the bathroom discussing last night’s argument with Kim. Jessica says that Kim was tired, “She just went over the top.”

Later, Chloe and Jessica are doing their make-up in the bedroom. Calum walks by and playfully squeezes Jessica’s shoulder. “Do you do massages?” she asks and Calum obliges.

The girls then head into the hot tub again with some of the guys. Jessica tries to touch Jamie’s torso. As he walks off Chloe shouts, “Show us your chopper, the bell-end, one testicle.”.

Later, Calum, Chloe, Jamie and Jessica are in the hot-tub. Chloe asks if any of the boys have had a “w**k” in the house and they both say no. Calum says that the first time he was in the Big Brother house he always had “morning wood.”

He laughs that this time around this isn’t the case. “You’re getting old now aren’t you Calum?” Jessica ribs.

Meanwhile, James C, Kim and Nicola talking about Chloe.

Kim says that she doesn’t “dislike” Chloe but finds her “a vulgar, nasty little girl.” Nicola says that Chloe finds it okay to act that way because that is how she behaves on Geordie Shore.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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