Celebrity Big Brother 2017: James Jordan escapes hell which is bad news for Calum Best

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James Jordan has escaped hell on Celebrity Big Brother and sent Calum Best there in his place.

James was sent to hell in Friday's live show alongside Stacy Francis, Speidi, Coleen Nolan, Jasmine Waltz and Jedward.


In tonight's show, James J, Jasmine and Stacy are chosen by their fellow Housemate to take part in a task. The Grim Reaper has chained and padlocked them to the wall. The first one to locate the correct keys from a large key ring and then unlock themselves, will return to the house. James J is the first to do so and will therefore return to the House.

Housemates in the main house are gathered on the sofa watching James J decide who to send to ‘Hell’ and Calum shouts: “Oh, f**king b*****ks.”


On the screen James J says that the ‘Hell’ house is already girl heavy so that leaves Jamie and Calum. “Purely because he was so happy when I was banished to hell, it’s got to be Calum.”

James J is the second housemate to escape Hell, with Jedward also seen winning their way back to the main house today as well.

In a task yesterday, the housemates in the main house were given a list of 'devilish' words which they had to assign to the housemates in hell.


The various insulting words were: Talentless needy, shallow, nasty self-centered, controlling, unintelligent, irrelevant, patronizing, rude, cringeworthy, lazy unattractive, erratic, wannabe, weak, smug, deluded, pathetic, disappointing, hypocrite, bitter, liar and washed up.

They had 20 minutes to decide as a group which words to assign to which of the housemates in hell.

In ‘Hell’ the Housemates must guess a personality trait that was assigned to them. Whoever guesses the most will be saved and return to the ‘Land of the Living.’ Jedward answered the most correctly and therefore returned to the main house.

Housemates in the main house were gathered on the sofa to watch in the Jedward announce via the Diary Room, who they want to sacrifice from the ‘Land of the Living,’ casting them into the ‘Depths of Hell.’ After a short discussion Jedward picked James C, “I think he doesn’t 100 per cent get us,” they explained.

"I'll be fine," James insisted after hearing the news.


That means that James C, Calum, Stacy, Speidi, Coleen and Jasmine are currently in hell and face eviction this weekend.


One of them is expected to leave today, to be shown in Monday's show.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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