Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jessica Cunningham reviews the housemates...

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Jessica Cunningham has delivered her views on the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates.

The Apprentice candidate joined the house on Friday night and has spoken to Big Brother in the Diary Room about her fellow celebs.


However she couldn't quite remember everyone in the house as the brunette beauty gave a rundown of who she was already getting on with.

Chatting to Big Brother about her first impressions, Jessica said: "Jedward come across as really sweet. Not as hyperactive as I thought they were on TV.

"Speidi, the housemates say they're nice people whereas my initial first thoughts are they're quite cold . I'm a hugger and they did not want to hug me!

"Calum he seems quite nice, very suave, I think he's very excited his mum's left.

"Coleen's very warm, she came up and gave me a big big hug.


"Stacy, I think she's so loveable, she seems really deflated and I felt she needed to hear she's liked outside.

"I think Jamie is really cute and he's quite sweet... whereas when I watched him on TV I thought he's a bit of a plonker.

"Nicola seems very sort of sweet but I think she's weighing everyone up.

"Bianca's very cute, she's lovely.

"F**king hell, Chloe is mental I love her, she's got such a good energy, she's crazy.

"Is that everyone?"


Other than two James and a certain Kim Woodburn, pretty much, Jessica...

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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