Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chloe Ferry causes chaos on her very first night

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Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry makes quite the impression on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Chloe is one of three new housemates who joins the house alongside The Apprentice candidate Jessica Cunningham and 'Queen of Clean' Kim Woodburn.


In this evening's show, Angie Best and Austin Armacost are both seen leaving before the three newbies settle into the main house.

Calum reveals to Jamie: “There’s a real relief in me (now that his mum has left)…I’m born again!”

Chloe begins to immediately flirt with Calum: “You’re a very handsome boy! When I first saw you I thought ‘fit’. You do not look your age!”

He replies: “And you’re a very pretty girl!”

Chloe then tells Kim that she doesn’t want a boyfriend and ‘likes older guys’ while, at the dining table, throwing pieces of food at Calum.

He asks her not to throw food at his clothes: “There’s a respect level that we all keep in here. It’s all good, everything’s cool.”

Chloe then goes on to jump in the hot tub but an annoyed Kim tells her: “Excuse me. Will you listen to me? You just soaked me, can you think before you do these things?”

Chloe replies: “Sorry I didn’t mean it," but her actions spark a row between Kim and Jessica.

Jessica adds: “She’s just having fun Kim, just leave her!”


Kim snaps: “Don’t interfere; it has nothing to do with you!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 10:30PM tonight on Channel 5.

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