Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 10 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight?

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Here are all of the news and highlights from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Jasmine wakes up in Calum’s bed and tells him; “I just didn’t want to sleep by the bathroom…”


In the smoking area, Calum tells Coleen that he woke up next to Jasmine; “I had no idea how that happened…I went to bed with Jamie in it...”

In the bedroom, Coleen is telling Angie and Jasmine that Calum expected to wake up next to Jamie not Jasmine

Jasmine goes to apologise to Calum for sleeping in his bed, he tells her he’s ‘not upset’

Calum and Jamie agree that Bianca is ‘hot’, Jamie adds; “That (Bianca) to me is sexy!”

In the diary room, Jamie comments on Jedward; “I can only deal with them in small doses!”

Nicola is telling some of her housemates about her first date with her husband; “We went to London Zoo, I moved in two weeks later and started trying on wedding dresses three weeks later! I planned with my sister to get pregnant at the same time and I didn’t tell Tom…”


As part of a task, Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas and reveals that Bianca, Jamie, Calum, Jasmine, James J and Jedward are about to receive some post

Earlier in the diary room as part of the task, the nominated housemates were each given two letters: one a punishment and one a reward. They had to give these letters anonymously to any of their housemates

Jamie receives two rewards letters: Stacy rewards him entertainment from Jedward and Speidi rewards him dinner with Jedward, housemates laugh

Bianca receives a reward from Angie: three nice tweets about herself

James J receives jail time punishment from Angie and receives a singing lesson with Stacy as a reward from Austin

Speidi punishes Calum by selecting him to wear a sandwich board branded with three negative traits

As punishment, Jedward receives a dinner of slop from Austin

Jasmine receives three negative tweets about herself as punishment from Stacy. After reading out a tweet stating she’s ‘a mean girl’, Jasmine gets upset


On the sofas, Austin is telling Nicola about the time when he first met Heidi and Spencer when he was at a party in LA with his ex-boyfriend Marc Jacobs; “We’re outside smoking and Heidi came over to Marc, and was like ‘I love you and I think you’re amazing!’ She didn’t even acknowledge me, and she walked away and I said ‘Oh and my name is Austin b*tch!’ And then Spencer heard me call her a bitch and came over…”

Spencer hears this and adds; “This never happened! This manifested in your brain. Happened in your mind! It’s a made up story.” Austin tells him it’s not an ‘imaginary story’. Spencer replies; “I’m back to f*cking hating you!”

Jedward perform for Jamie in the snug

In the smoking area, Jasmine is talking to Austin about her negative tweets; “That’s not the image I want to portray! I signed up to this for a voice to inspire…”

In the bedroom, Jamie and Bianca share a hug in bed. Heidi comments; “I thought you guys had the best chemistry as friends…” Bianca says; “I’m second best!” Jamie replies; “You are not second best babe!” James J adds; “When one door closes another one opens…”

Calum goes to Stacy’s bed to give her a cuddle, she laughs; “Thank you Jesus!” Angie replies; “Oh my god I’ve seen it all now!”

Most of the housemates are asleep. In the kitchen, Jasmine decides to throw her microphone across the room; “F**k you Big Brother!” Big Brother reminds housemates that they must wear their microphones at all times

Jamie tells Jasmine to ‘stop being an idiot’, he then heads to the bedroom and gets into his bed alongside Calum

Jasmine begins to fry her microphone in a frying pan, Big Brother calls her into the diary room

James J jokes in the bedroom; “Half an hour ago she was in the garden saying ‘I wanted to change people’s perception of me!’”


In the diary room, Big Brother reprimands Jasmine

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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