Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates read mean tweets in new task

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Some celebrities had to read out mean tweets about themselves on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

In a new task, the nominated housemates got power over the other housemates.


Stacy Francis, Austin Armacost, Speidi, and Angie Best received the most nominations with 5, 4, 3 and 2 votes respectively last Sunday night meaning they were put up for the public vote alongside 'killer nominated' James Cosmo this week.

Today (Thursday), Big Brother called the nominated housemates one at a time to the Diary Room.

They each had the power to either reward or punish one of the other non-nominated housemates.

Forfeits included things like 'being entertained by Jedward for an hour' and 'spending time in jail'.

One of the punishments was reading mean tweets and it was Jasmine Waltz who had been given this task by one of the nominated housemates.


"You will have to sleep in the bed with Jamie and Calum until further notice," read Jasmine to the group before revealing she was just kidding.

Instead, Jasmine's real task was to read out three 'mean tweets' posted about her online.

They included comments branding her "snakey", "self obsessed" and a "mean girl".

Jasmine reacted by ripping up the card and complained to the other housemates: "Why do I always get the s**t ones?"


The task will air in Friday's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights at 9PM on Channel 5.

As well as the latest house action, Friday's show will also see the first live eviction PLUS new housemates entering the house.

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